Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

What is the difference between coaching and traditional counseling/psychotherapy?


  • Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that requires an in-depth assessment process in order to identify symptoms, patterns of behavior, interpersonal struggles, conflicts in relationships, etc. This information is used to formulate a diagnosis which helps to establish a treatment plan.
  • Psychotherapy often requires exploring your past and resolving issues that have impacted your psychological development.
  • Psychotherapy can be a long-term process that can, at times, be very painful as you attempt to heal the underlying wounds that are causing or exacerbating your symptoms.
  • Sessions are generally done face to face in a professional office and are often covered by insurance.


  • Coaching is a unique process of goal setting, skill building, implementation, and overall personal growth.
  • Coaching looks at where you are now and where you want to be in the short and long term. It is future oriented and is focused on making positive changes that will enhance your life.
  • It is focused on turning your aspirations into measurable goals that will be periodically evaluated and tweaked based on progress or plateau.
  • It is results oriented and moves at a pace where you will see measurable change in a short amount of time, providing you are implementing the suggestions/strategies outlined in your sessions.
  • Sessions are very flexible and are done by telephone, Skype, email exchanges and meeting face to face in various places such as parks, coffee shops, home office, etc.
  • Coaching is not considered a form of treatment and therefore is not covered by insurance.
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